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Soft Skin Spa

Soft Skin Spa

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Soft Skin Spa™ is a revolutionary hot tub water conditioner that offers a multitude of benefits. With its specially formulated formula, Soft Skin Spa™ provides a unique experience of soft, balanced, and protected water.

No more worries about dry skin, damaged hair, or the hassle of managing water pH and alkalinity.

This package includes two bottles of Soft Skin Spa™, each containing 1 liter of the product. With just 1 oz. of Soft Skin Spa™ per 100 gallons of hot tub water, you can enjoy its benefits for 4-6 months.

Plus, we have made it even better by adding silver nitrate (to reduce the need for excessive sanitizer and save you money), magnesium (to help with muscle relaxation and sleep), and a maintenance dose of phosphate remover.

Soft Skin Spa™ not only protects your hot tub, equipment, and body from the harsh effects of everyday hot tub chemicals but also helps maintain balanced water effortlessly.

With Soft Skin Spa™, water management becomes hassle-free, allowing you to enjoy your hot tub simply.

Experience the feeling of softness, balance, and protection with Soft Skin Spa™ – a product of substance that you can see, feel, smell, and appreciate.

Upgrade your hot tub experience and enjoy clear, fresh-smelling water today.


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