Collection: Enhancers

In this collection of Ideal Water Care Hot Tub Enhancers, you will find all the product that make your hot tub water sparkling clear, super soft, bubble-free, and the most luxurious hot tub water experience. Your hot tub will never be in better shape with the amazing Soft Skin Spa, Ideal Water Care Foam Away, Stain Control and Water Clarifier you  will find here. Get the most out of your hot tub and extend its life with our Ideal Water Care products. 

You will also find accessories to go along with your products, such as chlorine-free shock for sanitizing when needed, and a mineral purifier system for those who want to switch from traditional chemical care methods. With these easy-to-use products, you can maintain your hot tub with ease and enjoy it for years to come. Shop now and get everything you need for a safe, healthy, and enjoyable hot tub experience!