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Let's Take the Confusion out of Hot Tub Care

My proven system is simple, and it will give both peace of mind knowing that the hot tub water is safe and crystal clear and the confidence to take care of your investment.
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Take Care Of A Hot Tub Without Stress
Learn everything you need to know to start taking care of the hot tub.

Hot tub enthusiasts—rejoice!
Taking care of a hot tub doesn’t have to be a full-time job…

Getting a new hot tub or enjoying the one you have in your backyard can feel overwhelming…when you realize how much maintenance is required.

Afterall, keeping the pH levels balanced is important for your health and safety.


Taking care of a hot tub doesn’t have to be a full-time job…

Every hot tub owner has a unique journey. No matter how long you have been on your hot tub journey, you have had questions.

The proper education and understanding can help you reach your goals of becoming a "happy hot tubber.

I'm Jacque Johnson, The Hot Tub Lady

I love helping people enjoy their hot tubs and get on the road to being "happy hot tubbers." After buying my first hot tub in 1988, I quickly realized that I had no clue how to balance water, clean a filter, or keep the water at the proper level. I did love my hot tub, though. So, in 2003, I opened my hot tub store and started educating people about how to take care of their hot tubs. We will just say we learned together back then.

Now, I want to help as many people as possible learn about how to take care of their hot tubs by sharing my knowledge and experience online. My Podcast Tub Talk with the Hot Tub Lady, Youtube channel, The Hot Tub Lady, my new book Hot Tub Clarity and this website are designed to entertain and educate people about everything related to hot tubs.

Why I Do It

I absolutely love life and the ability to do more because I have a hot tub.  As my husband Frank and I are getting older, we find that we need the hot tub to do more. It helps us recover from a workout or a long day's work and keep us mobile.   The hot tub allows us a place to connect enjoy each other's company, discuss the problems of the world, and plan for our future.  A hot tub has been such an amazing part of my life from 1988 to today.  We are daily users, and our life is improved spiritually, physically, emotionally, relationally, and even financially.  

I know that I can not sell every single one of you out there a hot tub, but I can make sure that everyone out there knows how to use your hot tub and help you understand the amazing benefits a hot tub provides.  So I have made it a personal goal to make you a "happy hottubber"!

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