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Ideal Water Care Stain Control

Ideal Water Care Stain Control

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Introducing Ideal Water Care Stain Control! This incredible product is a must-have for all hot tub owners looking to prevent and eliminate those pesky stains caused by iron, copper, and manganese.

Say goodbye to scaling caused by high levels of calcium too!

With its powerful formula, Ideal Water Care Stain Control bonds to troublesome metal ions in your spa water, filtering them out completely.

No more worrying about scale build-up that causes cloudy water or clogs up your filters. Plus, it tackles those unsightly metal stains with ease!

Using Ideal Water Care Stain Control is a breeze. Add this potent liquid formula to your spa or hot tub weekly to protect it from the threats mentioned above. And with just 1 fl oz per 300 gallons of water per week, it's both easy and cost-effective to maintain.

Here's how to use it:

Start by cleaning your filter with Ideal Watr Care Filter Soak, following the label directions for your specific filter type.

With the pump operating, pour the entire Ideal Water Care Stain Control dosage directly into the filter compartment with jets running. Keep the pump running for at least 2 hours to ensure thorough distribution.

For existing stains, applyScale Control and use a spa brush to brush the affected areas gently.

To prevent future scale and stains, we recommend applying 1 oz of Ideal Water Care Stain Control per 300 gallons of water on a weekly basis.

And don't forget to clean your filter with Ideal Water Cares Filter Soaker every 90 days for optimal performance.

Keep your spa or hot tub in pristine condition with Ideal Water Care Stain Control.

Order now and say goodbye to persistent stains and scale build-up!


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