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Ideal Water Care Filter Soak

Ideal Water Care Filter Soak

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Introducing the Ideal Water Care Filter Soak: the ultimate performance enhancer and pH indicator for your hot tub filter. Its color-changing formula lets you know if it's working its magic.

A vibrant red hue assures you that everything is functioning optimally, while a yellowish tint cues you to add more Ideal Water Care Filter Soak.

Bid farewell to rust, scale, oils, minerals, and other contaminants that regular rinsing can't fully remove. This granular filter cleaner works quickly and effectively, restoring your filter to a like-new condition.

For thorough cleaning, dissolve 1 lb. of Filter Free in 5 gallons of lukewarm water. This will ensure a comprehensive maintenance program for your hot tub.

Note: Always use a plastic pail and mix until the solution turns red.

For Cartridge Filters:

Stop filtration and drain all water from the filter.

If possible, remove cartridges or elements and soak them overnight in a plastic pail.

After soaking, rinse thoroughly and replace them in the filter.

If Elements Cannot Be Removed:

Complete Step 1 as mentioned above.

Add Filter Free solution directly into the filter tank, ensuring sufficient coverage of the elements.

Let it stand overnight, then drain and backwash to rinse the elements thoroughly.

Ideal Water Care Filter Soak guarantees exceptional filter performance, helping your hot tub maintain its peak condition.

Upgrade your filter cleaning routine today!


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