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Ideal Water Care Drain Clean and Refill Bundle

Ideal Water Care Drain Clean and Refill Bundle

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Introducing the Ideal Water Care Drain Clean and Refill Bundle - the ultimate solution for your hot tub maintenance needs! With this amazing three-pack, you'll have everything required to effortlessly drain, clean, and restore your hot tub to a sparkling, brand-new condition.

Carefully handpicked by The Hot Tub Lady herself, these items ensure a seamless hot tub drain, clean, and refill experience.

First up, we have The Hot Tub Scrub - a powerful hot tub purge that eliminates stubborn biofilm, removes unsightly scum lines, cleans your filters, and leaves your hot tub smelling fresh. It's a one-step pre-drain process that does it all!

Next, we present the Cover Protector - this invaluable accessory not only cleans your cover but also provides maximum protection for the vinyl, prolonging its lifespan. Say goodbye to wear and tear and enjoy long-lasting cover performance!

And lastly, we offer the incredible Filter Soaker with its innovative color-changing formula. No more guessing when your filters are ready! This effective solution strips away grease, metals, and calcium, ensuring optimal filter performance. Say hello to clean filters and goodbye to impurities!

But wait, there's more! When you purchase all three together, you'll enjoy a fantastic 10% discount, putting your hot tub on the fast track to a rejuvenated, like-new condition.

Don't miss out on this fantastic drain and refill bundle - get your hot tub back to its prime today!


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