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I Care Water Monitor

I Care Water Monitor

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Introducing iCare - the ultimate water monitor for your hot tub or pool! With iCare, you can say goodbye to the hassle of hot tub care and enjoy a worry-free soaking experience.

This smart system is designed to work with any hot tub or pool equipped with a chlorine, bromine, or Spa Frog treatment regimen. The Salt water version is also available be sure to specify which one you would like.  It continuously measures your water levels and learns about your specific hot tub environment over time.

With its advanced AI technology, iCare provides exact chemical recommendations, ensuring your water is perfectly balanced for a safe and healthy experience.

Not only does iCare monitor water chemistry, but it also keeps an eye on temperature fluctuations. If things get too chilly, iCare will send an alert right away, so you can relax with peace of mind.

iCare is easy to use and requires no subscription or cartridge replacements. It simply floats in the water, remaining low profile and unobtrusive. Its sustainable and eco-friendly design includes replaceable sensors and a rechargeable battery, all housed in a UV and sanitizer resistant plastic casing.

With the free iCare app, you can monitor your water 24/7 and receive notifications and recommendations for regular care, such as cleaning filters, draining and cleaning, and adding SoftSkinSpa™.

It is designed to work seamlessly with the Ideal Water Care Chemicals. The app also provides local weather updates, allowing you to take necessary precautions when bad weather is approaching.

Experience ultimate comfort and health with iCare. Its user-friendly dashboard displays temperature, pH levels, sanitizer levels (chlorine and bromine), and TDS for easy monitoring and maintenance.

Choose iCare for water made easy™.

Shop now for the most balanced, healthy, and clean water imaginable for your hot tub, swim spa, or pool.


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