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Hot Tub Quick Drain

Hot Tub Quick Drain

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Quick Drain is the ultimate hot tub draining solution! This easy-to-use Hot Tub Drain is fast and safe, no assembly is required and it works well in all weather conditions. It features a self-priming action that starts draining water in seconds, and it's light and easy to maneuver and is the larger size hose then others on the market. The 24-foot discharge hose allows you to drain water where you want, so you won't need any electricity or pumps or motors. Just insert the Quickdrain into the water and position the discharge hose below the bottom of the tub being drained. Pump the Quickdrain up and down with 15 long, fast strokes to start the water flowing, and maneuver it to vacuum the debris from your tub. When the water level is low, angle the tip of Quickdrain flush with the tub or spa floor. It drains an average of 10 US gallons per minute, so you can expect fast results even during cold weather conditions. Make your hot tub draining hassle-free with Quick Drain!


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